Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 23 Dinosaur, CO to Craig, CO No rack today yay

So today we woke up at 5:30 and had our breakfast. We then got in our pacelines and cycled out of the town and headed to Craig, CO.  The journey was long and tiring. I rode with Saurabh, and Michael Walton. I have come to hate rolling hills as it never seems like you accomplish anything. So with the really tight rack point we made it with about a minute to spare lol but we made it all 88 miles today and I was happy that we finished.

When we got into Craig we hung out at the Kum & Go till we were ready for our arrival.  We double pacelined to the arrival at the Boys and Girls Club of Craig and then we hung out with the kids there for a while. We had ice cream and the guys performed the "Kids on the Block" puppet show which the kids really liked.

I met this really cool 11 year old I think her name was Allison and I was very impressed at how intelligent she was. She was able to hold great conversation and even correct my grammar.

After that we showered changed and then headed out to a picnic shelter and hung out with the clients of the Horizons group. They fed us a great dinner and then we launched water balloons and watched as everyone got crazy with the squirting of water at each other. To the point where people were getting coolers of water dumped on them.

We then went back to lodging and had a team meeting to learn about what to expect in Denver and the days surrounding it.

Then we made a trip to McDonalds to get ice and now I am catching up on the blog and going to bed 6am wake up tomorrow

Good Night All

Peace, Love, and Baloons
White "DJ" Doug

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