Friday, May 31, 2013

Day -4 Supplemental

Late Day -5

So I never got around to posting last night so this will just be a late post for yesterday and this morning.

Yesterday I got some of the apartment cleaned, got more packed, Got a hair cut (ill put the timelapse in the next video) and went out to hang out with my friends Tim and Doug for my last night in IL.

I am riding to the airport now for my vacation weekend before San Francisco. It took a long time this morning to clean and make sure I had everything packed.

I didnt get much sleep last night I am tired and going to take a nap.

Sleep well

Peace, Love, and Goats
White 'DJ" Doug

Packing Day -6

Looks like I forgot to post this I recorded it and then forgot to post it..

Here is Day -6

Peace, Love, and Starfishes
White "DJ" Doug

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

First Video Day -7

So today I did a lot of errands with my day off and will get a lot done this week with my first week of my Leave of Absence. I also made a video. I promise the videos will get better as I get more comfortable in front of a camera.

Until tomorrow

Peace, Love, and Unicorns
White "DJ" Doug

Monday, May 27, 2013

Why did I start this soo early Day -8

I dont know why I started this blog so early but yea today was a not much happening day. Starting tomorrow will be the beginning of my adventure. The dismantling of my bicycle and shipping and packing and getting everything ready for day 1.

I did say I would post every day so I am.

Talk tomorrow

Peace, Love, and Bacons
White "DJ" Doug

Another Late post Day -9

So today I didnt do all that much. It was a very relaxing day.  The weather was crappy all day and so today I watched a few old episodes of Arrested Development whilst acquiring the first four episodes of the new season.  We all went out as a family (except my sister who was busy) to celebrate my grandmother's 88th birthday.  

Then once I got home I watched the most recent episode of Game of Thrones and the first four episodes of the new season of Arrested Development.  Now I am watching an episode of Duck Dynasty and getting this weeks episode of The Other Brew Podcast posted and then going to bed.

Sleepy time soon

Peace, Love, and Chickens
White "DJ" Doug

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Supplemental Day -9 Post

Here is the Itinerary for my route and I have also included a link to this on the left side so you can access it easily once the blog has more posts in it.

Late post but Day -10

So today I slept in and pondered weather or not to go to Six Flags Great America.  They are running Batman The Ride backwards until July 7th but since I am leaving next friday and working tues wed and thurs I wont be able to ride it backwards so after a few episodes of Star Trek Voyager I hopped in my car and headed out to Gurnee.

So I got to Gurnee and decided to chance getting my car towed and park it in the strip mall across the street from the park. I went and ate at the Rosati's in the strip mall so as to not just use the parking lot without at least giving someone business.  I then walked across the street and to the park. F*** paying $25 for parking for 4 hours. I got there a little before 5pm and started with Batman. It was very interesting riding it backwards as I have only ridden one other coaster backwards and that was American Eagle.  I then proceded to walk around the park and ride almost every coaster in the 4 hours I was there. The park was pretty empty as it was overcast and a little cold all day.  They even started running Giant Drop so I went on a ride on that.

Left the park at about 9:10 and my car wasnt towed (suck it Six Flags lol)  got some BK for dinner and went to visit a friend and then headed home.

Sleepy time now

Peace, Love, and Kittehs
White "DJ" Doug

Friday, May 24, 2013

This Morning's TV Interview on WREX Rockford

First Post!!!! Day -11

Hello Everyone,

So this is the first post and it will be as unfulfilling as you would expect of a first post.  I do plan to start posting every day so we will call today "Day -11"

Today I was on the local 13 news morning show talking about the bike trip and Push America. It was fun and I was able to see what a modern news studio looks like.  There were no camera operators, the cameras just kind of moved automatically, and the anchors seemed to get their instructions from an earpiece which as far as I could tell was coming from new york or some large corporate control center lol.

I have a meeting with Joshua at Old Chicago at 11 to find out how well the fundraiser went and this weekend I plan on going to Great America as well as doing some skydiving (Well that is the plan we'll see if it happens.

Well I am going to take a nap as it was an early friday for me going to the news studio.

Peace, Love, and Donkeys
White "DJ" Doug