Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 42 Cedar Rapids, IA to Iowa City, IA College Town??

So today we woke up at 615am and got out of the Arc that we were staying at and headed outside for breakfast.

We headed out on our exciting 27 mile ride to Iowa City as I rode today with Travis and Blake.  It was a very short ride and we got to our destination a little after 9am so we were there really early.  We arrived for our stageup at a park in Iowa City.  We relaxed for a few hours and we left for our arrival at 11am. We had a police escort and all and we rode to the old capitol of Iowa and were welcomed by the Arc of Southeast Iowa.  It was a really nice welcome and we hung out with them for a little bit and then went off to lunch

We had lunch at one of the residence halls of the University of Iowa. It was a huge buffet and we all ate a lot of food which was awesome.  After we ate lunch we rode to lodging which is the Robert A. Lee Recreation Center. We showered and changed and a lot of us went swimming.

I took a nap after swimming till dinner which was nice.  Dinner was at like 5ish at the Arc of Southeast Iowa and it was a pizza dinner which was nice. We got to hang out with some of the clients of the Arc and then afterward we headed back to lodging and some of the older crowd went out for a drink or two and now it is time for bed

Have a good night

Peace, Love, and Walls
White "DJ" Doug

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