Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day 66 Hagerstown, MD to Bethesda, MD Last real day of cycling

So today we woke up at 6am I believe and we got ready to leave our lodging. It was our last real day of cycling as tomorrow we are only riding 10 miles. I rode with Kyle Marpe today and we had a great time. We took it pretty slow as we only averaged about 13 miles per hour but it wasnt bad at all. We had so many stop lights and stop signs to slow us down.

For the first part of the ride we had hills here and there and Marpe got a flat tire after hitting a piece of glass.  We changed it and moved on.  We stopped at a garage sale since we wanted something fun to do. We didnt really pelican today and we made it to lodging about 130ish.  We got into the Landon school in Bethesda. We were treated to Subway subs for lunch and we had some time to relax before we headed out for our all team dinner.

About 4pm we rode off to Virginia to meet up with Trans, South and BAM for our all team dinner and we had chicken and beef and what not. It was a great dinner and after dinner we practiced our poses and line up for the pictures we will be taking in DC

We then headed back to the Lodging where we all washed our bikes and packed and prepared for the next day.  We had one last team meeting and that took us into the wee hours of the morning again and I got to bed about 2am

Good night all

Peace, Love, and Wrestlings
White "DJ" Doug

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