Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 64 Uniontown, PA to Cumberland, MD big hill day.

So today we got up at 6am and got out of our lodging and headed out for our tough ride today.  Today I started out riding with Reggie and we didnt get far before we had a third added to us.

About two miles down the road we (as sweeps) ran into some of the other cyclists and one of them had their chain break. So we waited for Jack to get his chain patched up and then he joined our pace line. So for the rest of the day Jack rode with us.  It was a very long and tough day. My body is starting to show its age and it was a tough day. We had about 7000 feet of climbing and it was about 66 miles of riding.  While riding we also had two flat tires by Reggie and we powered through those and kept moving on.

We took a little while to get there but we finally arrived at our destination which was the YMCA of Cumberland. We showered, changed and I went for a quick swim and then got settled a little and then took a 15 min nap before we got ready for dinner. We had to move our stuff as we were not staying on the soccer field like we thought so we moved our stuff and then headed out for dinner.

We arrived at a park in Cumberland that was the site for our sponsored dinner by the folks of the Rotary club of Cumberland.  They had a great dinner of chicken, burgers, and hot dogs. They also had fried ice cream and it was a great dinner.

Afterward we headed back to do a team event and then I headed to bed

Sleep well

Peace, Love, and flats
White "DJ" Doug

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