Friday, August 2, 2013

Day 58 Sandusky, OH to Cleveland, OH Time trial day

So today we had an interesting day. We woke up at 6am and got out of the Ability Works lodging that we were staying at and headed out to Berardis Family restaurant where we were served breakfast of bacon and french toast. It was a great breakfast and then we headed out to Vermillion I believe to a park where we met up with our ride along

We had a Pi Alpha from 1996 that rode along with us today on our very interesting day.  We had a late breakfast 7am and had to be to an event in cleveland at noon plus we needed to shower and change beforehand and our lodging is 25 mins from the event so if you take out more time for being driven the remaining distance we had a rack point of 10am and we left a little after 8:30 so we had just 90 mins to ride 70 miles which wouldnt have happened so we just tried to go as far as we could in the time we had and my paceline (David and Alberto) made it about 28 miles in that time and then we all got racked and headed into cleveland

We arrived to our lodging which is the Delta Gamma house at Case Western University.  We showered and changed and then headed out to Cleveland where we went to see an Indians game at Progressive Field.  We got in late but we got to see a lot of the game and we watched the Indians crush the White Sox and it was amazing. I had some good food and then afterward we headed back to lodging and most of us took a nap.

That night we headed out to a park where we were served dinner by the Shade family. It was pasta and meatballs. It was great food and we hung out for a while with the family and played in the park. After that we headed back to lodging for some team stuff and then we were let loose.

I went out with a few of the guys and my friend Tim was in town as he was moving from Delaware back to Illinois so he went out with us and then when we were leaving we saw this ping pong table outside on the sidewalk that had a sign on it saying feel free to use just put back paddles and ball when done. Tim tried to teach me ping pong and it was hilarious

Well time for bed

Peace, Love, and Meatballs
White "DJ" Doug

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