Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 60 Josh and I switched today. I drove the Van

So today we woke up at like 6am but I woke up a little earlier as I was going to be a crew member today.  Jesus, Josh, and Benny wanted to ride today so Matt Do, Austin, and Myself did their crew positions. I drove van 3 today and it was kinda fun.

I started out by filling up the water jug and then after we had our reroute figured out for the morning I went off in my van to mark the second turn.  I had to find a place for the van as there was no place to put it for the turn. I found an officer that said I could park it down the street for a bit so I parked it and then went and marked the turn.  It was about 40 mins till the pacelines were sent and passed my turn.

We had 3 other ride alongs today. We had the guy that planned the first team JOH in 1988 and a couple of other Pi Alphas. That made things a little interesting.  So after everyone passed my turn I packed up and drove to my next turn marking. It took me a while to get there since I had to navigate to the turn but I got there and setup my turn. I had a long time to wait for people there and I spent about 2 hours there waiting for people to all get through my stop.

So after that I packed up and headed to switch with Spencer who was marking a turn almost to the end of the ride.  He had to go make a few runs somewhere so I sat there and waited for the last 3 pacelines to pass.  I sat there for about 40 mins while I waited for everyone. I had time to clean out Van 3 as it was pretty dirty.

After that I drove to lodging and had some lunch. There was fried chicken for lunch as well as potatoes and cole slaw. I had some food and then we had a dance with the clients of the Fairhaven Foundation.  it was a lot of fun but definitely drained the rest of the energy out of me and I was pretty tired during dinner.

We went out to a sponsored dinner at Olive Garden and then we cleaned the vans and then went to the Mall to do some shopping.

After the mall we went back to lodging but since noone with a key was back yet we went on a hunt for McDonalds to get a snack.

Then back to lodging to get ready for bed.

Today was a fun day being crew but its time to sleep

Peace, Love, and Fettuccines
White "DJ" Doug

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