Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 63 Pittsburgh, PA to Uniontown, PA we got to go white water rafting.

So today we woke up at 5:30 and went downstairs to get all of our stuff ready to go. We had to rack our bikes a little ways out of the city and we racked to breakfast which was a Chick Fil A We had some chicken sangwiches for breakfast and they were amazing.

We then rode about 5 more miles to Elizabethtown where we started our ride today.  We rode about 35 miles and did about 2,600ft of climbing and there were some pretty tough hills but we made it.

We got to our destination which was a YMCA and we parked our bikes at one of our sponsor's Garages. We then had our lunch which was chicken and spicy sausage.  After that we changed, hopped in our vans and headed out to do some white water rafting.  It was sponsored and guided by Andy a Pi Alpha from last year.

We had 7 boats and I rode with the Georgia Tech guys and Sanjeev.  We beasted our way through the rapids and I only fell out once yay. We didnt flip our boat going past Dimple rock which apparently flips many many boats.

We were rafting for about 3.5 hours and once we got to the end and walked our boat up this wonderful gravel hill barefoot (people looked at me weird for being about to get in the boat with shoes on so I took them off) Worst mistake ever. We then were bussed to our vans and we headed off to our sponsored dinner.

We were sponsored by the Knights of Columbus of Uniontown. We had pasta and meatballs along with brownies, salad and watermelon.  It was a wonderful meal and after dinner the guys played volleyball, bags, and horseshoes.

We then went to pick up our bikes and move them to the Y and then we setup our beds and its time to sleep.

Sleep well

Peace, Love, and Rapids
White "DJ" Doug

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